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Used Boat Trailers
by SEA-TECH Trailers

We stock many good quality used boat trailers for all size and type boats. All trailers have been inspected and many have been reconditioned with new parts including axles, hubs, bunks, bearings, brakes etc..... . If you are in the market for a boat trailer, first check out our used boat trailer inventory and then of course our new custom built boat trailers.

camera Year Manufacturer Model # Load
Price Remarks

Performance Galvanized Tandem Axle 7,000 lbs 22-24'   SOLD

Loadmaster Aluminum
Tandem Axle
7,000 lbs 24-26'   SOLD

Tandem Axle 10,000 lbs 28-32' $3,500 Torsion Axles
Good condition Priced to sell

2008 Tandem Axle
1 set of brakes
7,500 lbs 24-26'   SOLD

2006 Magic Tilt Pontoon or
7,000 lbs 21-25'   SOLD

Continental Single Axle 17-19'   SOLD
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